How to Optimize your Blog

BHow-to-Optimiz-your-Bloglogging nowadays requires hard work and dedication in order to work for both human readers and SEO. Yes, they are your only target audience and yet, it seems like it is hard to rank in both field. Nevertheless, do not lose hope; chances are one way or another you will take both in the process, as you will learn how to optimize your blog. We pretty much write everything under the sun just to keep our blog full and alive, but less that we know, technical knowledge are required in order to optimize our blog to the fullest. Why do we need to optimize our blog? In every blog post we publish, you will ask the same question repeatedly. What makes a low traffic to your blog?

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Basic SEO you can do for your Blog

Basic-SEO-you-can-do-for-your-BlogBlog defines many stories to tell by individual of groups but ends up the same thing in telling them openly to the world online. However, most blogs do not achieve that much since they know little about SEO. Blogging and SEO come hand in hand. Meaning, you cannot just blog without doing a bit of SEO. SEO also known as search engine optimization is process that makes your blogs visible to search engines. Even for a newbie in blogging, learning the basic would not cost you much, hence, by simply reading the suggestions written below, you could make that change in your style of blogging and look at SEO in a different manner over time.

On page SEO to every post you make

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Are you Using Free SEO?

SEO-is-not-FREEAccording to Wikipedia, “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.” Though the definition mentioned of unpaid, does SEO mean you can get this free? SEO is not free. That is what most people think of SEO. However, what really lies behind SEO in the making? Is it really worth trying SEO for your website? Is there anything as free in SEO? Endless question may arise to understand how SEO really works for our website, but one thing is for sure that SEO do really work. However, does it come free? Well, the answer would that could be divided into parts to better understand the concept of free.

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How Search Engines Look at Your Blog Post

How-Search-Engine-Looks-at-Your-Blog-PostAs a blogger, we often times worry about how our blog post look in the eyes of our reader, but, less that we know we need to know how search engines will look at our blog post as well? How do we know search engines are quite satisfied in what they are seeing? Going back to basic of SEO we know how the text content of our blog posts affect indexing of search engines because that is simply how to look at our post. Google webmaster keep on repeating the phrase content is king; Google reads the text and not so much of the images, videos or any flash application embedded in your post. How do you enrich your text in your next blog post?

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How to Make an SEO-friendly Blog Post?

How-to-Make-an-SEO-friendly-Blog-PostPeople blog for a certain reason, and no matter what reason lies behind that write ups, we all want the same thing, a good page ranking position in search engines. There are ways to make SEO-friendly blog post. However, to simple blogger like you, who know so little about HTML language and stuff, this task may seem complicated. What can you do for your page to rank? In the world of blogging, we only cater two major audiences as we publish our post every day. The better you will get to know these two, the more traffic, and page ranking you will get.

Your first audience from the list would be the people reading your post. Even if you do not rank that well in search engine, you write because you felt the need to [...]

What is the big deal with RSS in SEO?

What-is-the-big-deal-of-RSS-in-SEOIf you are blogging long enough, you will notice an icon situated down the footer of the blog page, RSS. Do you know what this means? This might be important as most blogs placed this in their pages. Well, it is just the right time for you to learn about RSS about its impact towards your blogging sites. RSS is also known as Rich Site Summary or for some they call it Really Simple Syndication. From the terms alone, you will already have the idea that RSS provides simple syndication or the ability to get automatic updates to people syndicating your blogging site. How cool is that? Imagine if all your readers want to syndicate your blog, hence you need to put that icon down below. However, the question would be the how? Does [...]

Successful Blog Commenting for D-I-Y SEO

Successful-Blog Commenting-for-D-I-Y-SEOWe blog because we felt the essence of information sharing and the only thing that we expect in return is a feedback. That is why most bloggers explore other means to get the audience that they desire. Yes, often times, blog commenting is the most effective and organic way to redirect readers of a certain blog post to yours. However, the problem with this method is the approval rate or the successful inclusion of your comment to their post. Aside from that spamming, is the one root cause that discourages most people to approve blog comments to their site? How do you fix such problem? With months, I have spent in blog commenting, here are some of the insights I got and willing to share them with you. I am open for any [...]

Breaking Down SEO Basics for Starters

Breaking-Down-SEO-Basics-for-NewbiesSearch engines are like the mall with lost of stores and vendors. How can you let the customers know of your existence? Of course, you advertise, but in Google, we call that SEO. Search engines are so massive in nature and coverage that you need to work hard in order to get the visibility that you desire. As for starters, you need to start on the bottom low, the basics as what most people say. You need to get to learn and be acquainted with search engines. Start with Google with you ordeal for they provide guidelines and corresponding penalty when caught violating their rules. This post will reiterate the webmaster said in their videos and blogs and simplified it even better for your level of understanding.

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How Google Adsense Help You Earn Money Online

Google adsenseGoogle is one of the top search engines in the cyber world. You can use their program to search for any information you need. Aside from Google Search, they also have other programs like Gmail, Gtalk, Adsense, Analytics and more that are beneficial for personal use or business purposes. Indeed, Google is capable of providing almost all you need to make the most of the Internet industry.

All the mentioned programs can help you earn money online if used productively. Like for example is the Google Adsense. This program will help you set up ads on your site in a form of the widget where you will be able to generate passive money from every click on your site.

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Small SEO Tools for Starters

Small-SEO-Tool- for-StartersThe best thing in life is free. Free sample, free taste, and the good in online are free SEO tools. Yes, if you are a blogger and wanted to expand your horizon with a little to zero budget at all then, it is time for you to straighten your seat up and read. However, most people say that the paid ones are better, but for starters, this is just the right concept for you. Do not complicate your life with information overload. Stay contented and educate yourself first with the small stuff before handling the big guns of SEO. There are small SEO tools that are just right for you to explore.

Before anything else, keep a log to your learning is as the smallest pencil holds longer memory than your head. Writing the [...]