Getting Quality Links From Good Pages

Getting Quality Links From Good PagesIt’s great to talk about keeping brand new links and the effort you should make up to get good links to your website. Remember that getting links to your website takes a lot of effort, money and work.  Finding relevant websites is another way to build good links. Searching quality websites that will give you good links is not that easy to accomplish. It has to do a lot of work and time consuming.

One way to gain good links also is to search websites that really have Google Pagerank.  In order to have good links you must search high quality topics that would relate to the topic of your site (but it’s not your direct competitors).

Using direct communication is also a great way to request links from an authority site.

What is an Authority Site?

An authority site is a site with good quality and unique content in a particular niche. The site would also have various links from other authority websites that linking back to it.

So how can you get good pages to get links on?

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Here are the different factors you must know about on how to get more quality backlinks to your site.

  • Article Directories  -is an article website collection with different  written topics. It is also a place on how to get good backlinks. The best way to participate with article directories is to have unique and quality content.
  • Squidoo-  It allows you to write and publish articles. To write a Squidoo lens (article a ‘lens) is also a best way to get backlinks. You can make money in Squidoo from what you have written.
  • Do Follow Blog- Commenting –  Commenting is also one way to have great links.  Remember to write reliable information in your comment and be involved in the topic posted so that the more chances you have to get links.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites- Social bookmarking sites help to get backlinks by finding your content great and finally they will bookmark it, it is likely to have a positive result for your site. You can identify the popular site by their high page rankings.

Here are some samples of popular and high rank sites:

  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Technorati
  • Delicious

In order to succeed on this following method, you need to provide high quality content that will attract and draw visitors to your site. It is not enough to have a high number of inbound links but  it is needed to be quality links. Remember that you need to be careful in linking your site because you will be in trouble if you link your site into a bad site.

If you gained quality links to your site, it will help you to have more traffic. Search Engines, particularly Google, will determine the quantity of links from other relevant , reliable websites to your site and use it as a marker  of your site’s popularity, it means that the most popular websites  are titled to rank on the top in search engines.

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